In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Hewgill, Mary E.
The club board of directors consists of the president, immediate past president, president elect, treasurer, secretary, vice president(s), (if any), and all directors. The president acts as the club’s executive officer, presides at all meetings of the members and the board; and regularly reports to both groups. The secretary keeps the club’s records; promptly reports membership changes to Kiwanis International; keeps minutes of club and board meetings; files required reports (if any) with local, national, and other government authorities; and regularly reports to the members and board. The board has the following responsibilities: Provide general management of the club not otherwise delegated to the membership in these bylaws or club policy. Assure the club complies with applicable governmental rules and regulations. Determine the good-standing status of members in accordance with club policy. Perform other duties as provided in these bylaws and club policy.
Education Committee
Viau, Serge
The committee promotes succession planning and provide education and information for the club members. 1) The committee will engage in succession planning for all club officers positions and co-ordinate training for the new officers. 2) To keep members aware and up to date on Kiwanis activities, initiatives and policies, and oversee weekly luncheon program presentations.
Finance Committee
Viau, Serge
Management of the financial affairs of the club. The committees duties include the function of treasurer and annual financial review as well as overseeing the financial health of the club.
Fundraising Committee
Upton, Ford
The committee oversees, assists or organizes all fundraising initiatives. Management, control and evaluation of all fundraising projects. Evaluation and implementation of new fundraising initiatives.
Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore Foundation
Shier, Dave
Oversees the operation and planning of the Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore Foundation.
Membership, Growth and Retention Committee
Shier, Dave
Purpose: Promotion of membership growth and retention Duties: Engage in activities intended to grow and retain club membership, including but not limited to: 1) New member recruitment, training and orientation. 2) Interclub meeting organization. 3) Spiritual aims for members. 4) Publication of the weekly bulletin and Sergeant At Arms.
Services Committee
Viau, Serge
Purpose: The committee oversees, assists or organizes all of the club's service projects. Duties: Oversight, assistance and organization of the clubs current service projects including but not limited to: Youth Services, Young Children Priority One and Community Service Evaluation of current projects and initiation of new projects.
Visibility Committee
Lloyd, Brad
To manage all facets of our club's public image. The committee is responsible for: 1) Managing public relations including media releases, publicity and marketing. 2) Website management and maintenance. 3) Control of the club's signage. 4) Management and maintenance of the club's social media.